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Physical Therapy

We specialize in treating older adults. We are passionate about building strong relationships with our patients which helps us to provide a more individualized program tailored towards your goals. 


In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo of care for our aging population. We do this by providing more compassionate, individualized, and convenient rehabilitation and fitness services in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Balance and Fall Prevention 
For those having difficulty maintaining balance.

We treat those who are having difficulty maintaining their balance and who are at risk for falling. 

We perform a thorough evaluation to assess your balance and fall risk. This initially includes screening questions regarding your fall history, medical history, current medications, current functional deficits, and goals. 

We then perform an individualized fall risk assessment using a variety of evidence based tools. We use the information gathered  from the assessment to develop a plan of care. This often includes 1-3 sessions per week depending on the assessment and your goals.


​Treatment may include: 

  • ​Balance training 

  • Endurance training

  • Strength training

  • Gait training

  • Assistive device training

  • Home modifications

  • Home exercise program

Neurological Rehabilitation
For those recovering from neuorological conditions such as Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. 

We treat those with various neurological conditions. We evaluate impairments contributing to your limitations and work with you to maximize your functional mobility and independence. 

Treatment may include: 

  • Stretching

  • Neuromuscular re-education

  • Gait training

  • Balance training

  • Assistive device training

  • Fall risk reduction 

  • Strength training

  • Caregiver education/training

Vestibular Rehabilitation
For those with dizziness and vertigo.

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of therapy that addresses dysfunction of the vestibular system. This system consists of small organs within your inner ear that provide feedback regarding your head or body position to your brain. When there is an error in communication, abnormal symptoms develop. We evaluate what is contributing to your symptoms and provide an individualized plan to ease symptoms and improve quality of life.

Treatment may include: 

  • Canalith repositioning maneuvers

  • Gaze stabilization exercises

  • Habituation exercises

  • Balance training

  • Substitution exercises

  • Home exercise program

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
For those with pain or injury. 
For those with musculoskeletal pain or injury in all body regions. We focus on finding the root cause of your issue and design an effective, hands on, and individualized program designed to help you reach your goals.


​Treatment may include: 


  • ​Soft tissue mobilization

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

  • Myofascial release

  • Joint mobilization

  • Spinal manipulation

  • Dry needling

  • Individualized exercise program

  • Gait training

  • Home exercise program

Senior Fitness 

We offer an in-home senior fitness program for clients interested in a customized exercise and fitness program guided by a physical therapist. This can help to improve your overall health, maintain functional independence, reduce risk for falls, and stave off chronic disease or other problems that occur from being sedentary. We bring the knowledge and equipment needed to achieve your goals. 

This is ideal for those who: 

  • Have finished a physical therapy plan of care and want to maintain or continue to improve upon the progress they've made.

  • Have been discharged from physical therapy for a particular issue and want to get in better shape without causing harm or injury. 

  • Want to start exercising more but need guidance and prefer to stay away from crowded gyms. 

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