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In-Home Stroke Recovery 

The aftermath of a stroke can be profoundly challenging, causing distress and significant life changes. However, our effective treatment methods are designed to aid you in returning to your everyday life, regaining independence, and alleviating pain. Connect with our experienced stroke recovery specialist to arrange your consultation, or explore more about our stroke recovery solutions below.

Serving Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Meet Dr. Sara Lance 

Dr. Sara is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has a special interest in treating stroke survivors and those with neurological conditions. She believes that in order to progress one’s physical function, you must address the whole person. Dr. Sara's treatment tactics focus on not only physical strength, balance, coordination and endurance but also mental, emotional, environmental and social wellness. 

How We Handle Stroke Recovery 

We understand the significant challenges a stroke can have on your independence and your overall quality of life. We also understand that traveling to a clinic can be difficult. That's why we bring the therapy to your home. You will work 1:1 with a PT experienced in stroke recovery using proven treatment methods. Helping you get back to the activities you love is our top priority. 

  • We come to you 

  • Work with stroke recovery expert 

  • Proven treatment methods

What Our Patients Say 

"I can't begin to express how thankful I am to have found Sara at GMS Therapy. My family member is a stroke survivor and after a stint at a rehab hospital, he was released to assisted living and 60 combined PT/OT/Speech therapy visits which quickly ran out. We found GMS therapy and we couldn't be happier with the friendly demeanor, the care, and the expertise Sara provides in helping Doug continue to learn how to stand and regain some independence. She keeps Doug motivated and is doing a great job with the little equipment at her disposal. Doug looks forward to her visits which include stretching and weight bearing exercises along with working on standing for longer and longer periods of time with little assistance. If she could come 5 times a week, he would want that to happen because even though some of the exercise is uncomfortable, her enthusiasm and positivity help him to improve and believe he can do more. I highly recommend GMS therapy to anyone looking for in-home PT."

Mary Beth 

"My husband was having continuing balance and endurance issues following a stroke. Ben Fannin’s services were recommended by a hospital-based therapist we knew. Ben talked out my husband’s goals with him and designed a program to work towards and meet them. He explained each new exercise clearly and how it would help meet the different goals. Ben is always encouraging and supportive as they work together and we have seen steady progress over the weeks. Ben is very positive and generates confidence that improvements will be made. He is professional and just plain nice to work with. Also, important to my husband is that Ben is very reliable and prompt."


How does Stroke Physical Therapy work? 

Initial Evaluation

Your first session will include an initial evaluation. We will discuss the nature of your condition, medical history, current functional status, and your goals. We will then perform various tests and measures to determine how we can help you. These tests may include:


  • Muscle Strength

  • Range of motion

  • Flexibility

  • Tone/Spasticity

  • Coordination 

  • Balance 

  • Gait

  • Bed mobility 

  • Stair navigation 

  • Transfers

Treatment for Stroke Recovery

Gait Training

Walking after stroke

Learning how to walk again is an important part of recovering from a stroke. We will prescribe specific gait exercises, ensure you are using the appropriate assistive device, and help you to minimize gait abnormalities with the ultimate goal of walking safely and independently at home and in the community.

Stretching and Manual Therapy

It is common to have an increase in muscle tension, or hypertonia, following a stroke. This can cause difficulty with your walking and mobility. We use various hands-on techniques that may include long duration stretching, massage, dry needling, and soft tissue mobilization to reduce tightness and improve functional use of your extremities. 

Balance and Fall Prevention 

Unfortunately, balance can be impacted following a stroke. We prescribe various balance training exercises, improve your overall strength and activity tolerance, and help you modify your home environment to improve your balance and reduce your risk for falls.

Caregiver Training/Education

Caregivers and family members often play a large role in helping you recover from a stroke. With your permission, we work closely with caregivers to improve their ability to help you with your mobility and exercise program.

Caregiver training following stroke

Strength Training 

Muscle weakness is common following a stroke and hospitalization. This can have a negative impact on your independence with your mobility. We prescribe exercises designed to improve your strength to help you get back to your daily activities.

Bed Mobility and Transfer Training 

We help you to improve your independence with getting in and out of bed and transferring from one chair or surface to another.  We do this by helping you with your technique and prescribing exercises to strengthen your core and lower extremities. 

Getting Started is Easy

No Referral Needed

Step 1

Call to speak to a PT to ensure we are the right provider for you. We will then schedule an initial evaluation.

Step 2

Initial Evaluation

This includes an initial interview where we discuss your concerns, medical history, your goals, etc. We then perform various tests and measures to determine how we can help you reach your goals. 

Step 3

Plan of care 

Establish a plan of care. Based upon the results of the evaluation, we will collaborate to determine a plan of care depending on your needs. This may include follow up sessions 1-2 times per week.

Call now to schedule your evaluation or fill out the form below to request a free consultation.

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