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Dr. Sara Lance, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Hi, my name is Dr. Sara Lance, PT, DPT. My previous experience as a physical therapist at inpatient rehabilitation hospitals has helped me gain knowledge and skills necessary for treating a wide variety of patient populations. 

I specifically have interest in treating patients who survive neurologic injury such as stroke, progressive disease, mechanical falls, and balance deficits. I have spoken at numerous stroke support groups providing information and encouragement regarding finding acceptance after surviving a serious neurological injury which may affect one’s function.

I believe that in order to progress one’s physical function, you must address the whole person. My treatment tactics focus on not only physical strength, balance, coordination and endurance but also mental, emotional, environmental and social wellness. Your therapy and wellness journey are important to me and unique to you. 

Outside of my life as a therapist I enjoy spending time outdoors and with my significant other, dog, friends and family. You can find me reading in a hammock or paddling down the Little Miami River on a kayak. 


Click the link below to request a free consultation with Dr. Sara for you or a loved one.

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