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Balance and Fall Prevention 

We bring the therapy to you in your home

In-home Balance and Fall Prevention 

We offer in-home balance and fall prevention for those who are having difficulty maintaining their balance and who are at risk for falling. Falling is simply not a normal part of aging. Unfortunately, it is estimated that one out of four adults 65 and above fall each year. This can have a devastating impact on their independence and ability to perform daily activities.

How does it work?

​We perform a thorough evaluation to assess your balance and fall risk. This initially includes screening questions regarding your fall history, medical history, current medications, current functional deficits, and goals. 


We then perform an individualized fall risk assessment using a variety of evidence based tools. This may include evaluation of your balance, gait, range of motion, sensation, endurance, etc. We use the information gathered from the assessment to develop a plan of care. This often includes 1-3 sessions per week depending on the assessment and your goals.

Treatment to Reduce Fall Risk:

Balance Training

We utilize balance training to reduce your risk for falls. In order for balance training to be most effective, we prescribe balance exercises that are challenging enough that you feel unsteady, but don’t fall. This includes exercises in standing that mimic functional activities as well as more dynamic exercises that may include balance tasks while walking.

Endurance Training

Those who are at high risk for falls often have poor endurance and activity tolerance. This can cause fatigue with daily activities, resulting in higher risk for falls and imbalance. We prescribe various exercises and activities that help to improve your endurance and activity tolerance so you can participate in daily activities and hobbies with less fatigue.

Strength Training

Muscle weakness is one of the leading contributors to falls, especially in the elderly population. Strength training is utilized to improve overall muscle strength and assist in improving independence with functional tasks. Improving muscle strength can also help to improve reaction time and assist in catching yourself and preventing a fall when you lose your balance.

Fall Prevention_Strength Training

Gait Training

It is common for falls to occur while walking at home or in the community. We help you walk safely by improving your gait mechanics, recommending and assisting with an assistive device, and improving your balance and endurance. Our goal is to help you walk safely and confidently within the home and community without fear of falling.

Gait Training for Fall Prevention

Home Modifications

Providing in-home services means we are able to assess your home environment and provide recommendations to help you reduce your risk for falls. This may include equipment recommendations to improve safety with transfers, removing rugs, creating more open space, improving the lighting, etc. 

Home Exercise Program 

We encourage you to stay as active as possible outside of your PT sessions. We will provide you with a comprehensive and safe home exercise program so you can continue to make progress during and after your plan of care.

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