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LSVT Big Program for Parkinson's

Serving Northern Kentucky 

We offer in-home LSVT Big for those with Parkinson's disease in the Northern Kentucky region. Whether you are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or have had Parkinson's for many years, this program will help you get your life back by helping you move better and be more confident with everyday movements and activities. 


This program can help you to: 


  • Walk faster by taking larger steps.

  • Help you to walk without fear of falling.

  • Finally walk without a walker or cane.

  • Improve your balance.

  • Stand up easily from a chair.

  • Easily walk up stairs.

  • Play with your grandchildren.

  • Get back to gardening.

  • Live a more active lifestyle.

  • Get you back to activities and hobbies you love.

  • And so much more! 


In-Home LSVT Big in Northern Kentucky

The LSVT Big Treatment Program is an intensive 4 week program designed to help you move your body more normally and get you back to the activities you love. 


People with Parkinson’s disease often move smaller and slower, resulting in difficulty walking and performing daily activities. 


This program addresses the physical impairments that result from Parkinson's disease with an emphasis on large amplitude movements in order to relearn how “normal” movement should feel. 


The program consists of specific exercises, a home exercise program, and task specific training to ensure carry over into everyday movements. The program is designed to improve your ability to perform specific activities you are having difficulty with. 


We bring this program into your home!

Check out Dave's progress below!

Dave initially walked with small shuffling steps with his rollator and progressed to taking large steps with a cane. 

If you have Parkinson’s disease and are ready to get your life back, CALL NOW to schedule your evaluation. 

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